Psychocardiology from the viewpoint of Traditional Persian Medicine

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    Background and Objective

    Psychocardiology is a discipline that evaluates the effect of social, behavioral, and psychological factors on the onset, treatment, and progress of the cardiovascular diseases. Nowadays this discipline is noticed significantly and numerous investigations have been started in this field. Psychological factors, such as stress and depression cause poor prognosis in heart diseases.

    More studies are needed to prove the effect of psychological disorder treatment on improvement of heart diseases.

    Traditional Persian Medicine is a holistic system with thousands of years’ history. It considers different parts of the human body as an integrated system in each disease. Persian medicine literature states close and two-way heart and brain relationships with specific physiology.

    In this research, the concept of Psychocardiology from the viewpoint of Traditional Persian Medicine will be discussed.

    Materials and Methods

    In this review study, we investigate Psychocardiology articles and heart disease in Persian Medicine literature.



    According to the articles, the concept of mind–body disease was first proposed by a German psychiatrist in 1818.

    In 1943, a neurologist pointed to the role played by psychological factors in heart disease.

    About one thousand years ago, Persian physicians expressed psychological and spiritual condition as an important factor in cardiac function. Grief, fear and anger induce weakness and inadequacy in cardiac function. Happiness and cheerfulness increase cardiac strength. One of the most important preventive or curative methods in cardiac field is exhilarating instructions or drugs. On the other hand, the Persian physicians pointed to the heart disease as an important etiology of psychological disorders.



    Recent researches emphasizes the effect of psychological factors on heart diseases. This relationship is mentioned in Persian medicine literature and medical and non-medical methods for prevention and treatment are advised. So attention to this approach and setting clinical trials is helpful. 

    Key Words

    Psychocardiology, traditional Persian Medicine, heart, psychology, spirit

    Yasaman vazani

    Department of Traditional Persian Medicine, School of Medicine, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran

    Corresponding author: Yasaman vazani, MD, PhD of Traditional Persian Medicine, Assistant Professor, Shiraz University of Medical Sciences, Shiraz, Iran.

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